About The Farm

      For more than two centuries, the Dobson Family has been farming in the land of the northern Iredell County foothills.  Dobson Farms, run by Jim Dobson and son Sam, operates a 90-cow grade-A dairy and produces over 200 grass-fed Beef steers a year.  

      The Dobson dairy has been in operation since the later part of the 1930s. The grass-fed beef business began in 2006. it started its business by producing beef for Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview, NC.  Grazing a variety of annual and perennial grasses, for both the dairy and beef herds, the Dobson's focus is to produce high quality milk and beef in a healthy way. One that is healthy both for humans and the environment. 


      Sam and his wife Sherry also directly market their hiqh quality meats in the Statesville area which can be bought at the Statesville Market Exchange in addition to Hickory Nut Gap Farm.

      For more information about where to go to purchase Dobson Farms' product, please visit the sellers page of this website. There you will find links to Hickory Nut Gap Farm's website, as well as the Statesville Market Exchange page at LocalHarvest.